Perth Tel: +61 8 9278 9800
Melbourne Tel: +61 3 8378 9900

Australian owned and globally connected

WAFEX is a family owned business and Australia’s leading flower company, with offices across the globe, including Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Kenya, Ecuador and the USA.

WAFEX started with a single client in Zurich in 1991 and now has a global presence across 26 countries. Our offices in Ecuador and Kenya work with our preferred growing partners to get first access to the best quality product, ensuring our supply chain logistics is the most efficient and reliable all year round. This further ensures the world’s finest flowers are sourced and supplied to our customers and fulfillment partners.

Covering all key growing areas in the world, WAFEX has a sophisticated import program and with staff in Africa and Ecuador WAFEX can combine its strengths of global sourcing and flower connection, logistics and quality assurance, to provide clients with a large range of quality flowers.

Today WAFEX encompasses 80 staff across 4 continents, 300 customers and over 500 growers.

In 2008 WAFEX identified the role genetics was having and launched Helix Australia, a subsidiary company to focus on breeding and the commercialization of Waxflower.
May 2011 WAFEX launches its upmarket “Sovereign” brand featuring the Icebreaker variety in a classy branded sleeve. WAFEX is the first flower company in Australia to receive the ISO 9001 Certification to guarantee products with the highest quality that meet customer requirements.
March 2013 WAFEX launches its Waratah Ridge brand to promote innovation in wildflower supply for the Australian market.
December 2014 WAFEX launches ”Just Because Flowers” for independent retailers.
WAFEX is the first flower company in Australia to receive the ISO 9001Certification to consistently guarantee high quality products that meet customers needs.